Massage implements: Hot Stones, conditioned at a comfortable temperature


  • Relaxing massages
    Aromatherapy treatments that work on tension releasing. Restores muscles and using natural oils, help to activate circulation
  • Treatments and body wraps
    A new and smooth skin begins with a body scrub with gentle movements to remove dead cells. Exquisite relaxing massage; application of the body mask of your choice, and ending with the application of a mositurizer and emollient product.
  • Hot stone massage.
    Peculiar technique based on the application of warm stones and oils that balance the body's energy centers, achieving a pleasant relaxation and wellbeing sense.

Back and Neck Massage.

Excellent choice to relax if you don't have enough free time.

It's a massage that releases factors that cause stiffness and neck, upper back and shoulder pain; areas where a large muscle tension is concentrated for several reasons such as a bad or poor seating position; spending long time at the computer; frequent smartphone checking , carrying heavy objects, among others.

Key benefits of Massage.

1. Relaxation.
Muscles relax; tension is discharged.

Massages help reduce cortisol, a biochemical substance that is released in response to chronic stress.
They also help in blood pressure lowering and the mood rises up.

2. Stimulate neurotransmissor production.
Such as serotonine and dopamine, generating natural antidepressant effects.

3. Pain relief.
It's a natural alternative in case if acute pain or minor types of discomfort. 

Cosmetic product with a pleasant smell, texture and excellent quality.