European Deep Cleansing Facial.

Professional deep cleansing that consists in skin exfoliation, application of steam; impurities extraction and applying a cosmetic mask, according to your skin type.

As a "plus", we offer a head massage and finally a delicate moisturizing treatment.

It's duration is 60 to 80 minutes. 

Moisturizing treatments.

Treatment for all biotype healthy skin, where a special ionization device is used to help the skin to become more responsive and allows the dissemination of selected assets according to your skin type, recovering in that way its beauty and radiance. 


Facials for men.

Gentlemen have discovered and appreciated the benefits of a well-kept skin.

We use formulas that give tone, moisturize, nourish your skin, according to its individual needs. 

Our facial treatments.

Only for demanding skin.

Importance of Facial Biotype Diagnosis.

The proper evaluation and diagnosis of skin type is very important because it's the main indicator for choosing the most suitable product for its benefit.