'Our patient and their needs are and will be the PRIORITY'

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Priority Dental SPA is a concept born from the concern to combine in one place two important areas in the welfare and health area.

It is well known that visiting the dentist is not a pleasant practice for most people, because it generates some fear, anxiety or stress.

There is where emerges the idea of this "mixed" concept, where we are supported with elements that help patients feel not on a medical atmosphere (alcohol or pharmacy drugs smell), but in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, as if you were in a SPA.

On one hand there are offered minimum invasive dental services. However, we give an important approach to preventive treatments, to avoid future radical or mostly invasive treatments such as oral surgery, periodontal or multiple dental implants and full mouth making over.

We also provide attention to problems like misaligned teeth, bruxism, abnormal craneofacial and growth disorders; and temporomandibular joint issues, through Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, being the early stages of life the best to start and achieve redirection of the buco-maxillary  -craneofacial complex.

We have interconsultations with different dentistry specialists: An endodontist, pediatric dentist and Maxillofacial Surgeon.

Our SPA room has an attractive service menu with relaxing, hot stone, and bamboo sticks massages, as well as treatments like tired legs, scrub and body wrap; and quality pleasant smell facial masks.

Other services we offer are deep cleansing and moisturizing facials, both for ladies and gentlemen as well as several packages where you are able to make different service combinations.

We offer our patients the possibility to choose by themselves their own "Dental Day"; "Dental Day SPA" or just "Day Spa Packages", starting from two services and over.

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The main Prioroty Goal is to make our patients entering into a wellness, serene and harmonious nice smell atmosphere, as comfortable as possible in order to minimize a feeling of fear that involves going to a dental office.

That our patients find a complete satisfaction that provide harmony to their lives and at the same time offering high quality dental products, services and SPA, to improve their physical and mental balance, providing a perfect place to reconnect and relax.


Being a leader Welfare Center in Mexico in products and customer care services, and expand our skills to other areas in the region and in a near future covering a wider customer range, keeping always the same quality that distinguish our Company.

Integrity: With both local and foreign customers.
Quality: Our hallmark that distinguish us from similar companies, using high class materials both in dentistry and SPA treatments.
Responsibility and Ethics: On each service branch that we offer.
TIMELINESS: We care about our patient's time. Starting our treatments at the scheduled time.
HONESTY: Same prices, same service  and quality without distinction to domestic and foreign patients.
RESPECT: For anyone directly or indirectly related to our company.
OUTGOING COMMITMENT: With full satisfaction and excellent patient care; before, during and after your visit to our facilities.

 Degree: Doctor in Dental Surgery (DGP 3680482) Universidad Latinoamericana Mexico City

Specialty in Orthodontics : Asociación Odontológica Mexicana para la Enseñanza y la Investigación (DGP 3816035)

SPA THERAPIST: Instituto en Ciencias Estéticas y Cosmiatria SPA Campus Occidente. Zapopan, Jalisco. Valid studies at the Mexican Public Education Secretary (SEP) under the registration number 14PBT0704F 

 And four graduates described on the "Continious Education" Section.

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Dentofacial Orthopedics. (Asociación Odontológica Mexicana para la Enseñanza y la Investigación. México City (2001-2002).

Endodontics. (Centro de Estudios de Posgrado en Odontologia -CEPO) Guadalajara, Jalisco. (2007-2008)

Legal, Forensic Dentistry and Related Sciences at Mexican National University (UNAM) Ciudad Universitaria. (2010-2011)

Medical Tourism (Universidad Anahuac) Cancun, Quintana Roo. (2014-2016)