Beautiful place with a peculiar ecosystem and a rich cultural wealth

Cancun is located on the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. It's whole extension from north to south is reached by the characteristic light blue shaded to turquoise water, to fade in the traditional dark blue color of the Caribbean Sea and it's white and tiny soft sand. The cultural wealth that it owns was inherited by the Mayan ancient Culture, who provided great mathematical, astrological, geographical discoveries, as well as several architectonal sacred buildings -nowadays ruins- that can be visited in places such as Tulum and Coba, among others.

Pleasant weather most of the year.

The average temperature in Cancun is 72 Farenheit degrees (average). During late autumn and all winter, temperature decreases a bit at night; however, remains always enjoyable for visitors seeking a warm whether, while at home may be cold or snowing.

Tourism Destination with great aircraft connectivity

Cancun's geographical location allows it to be a "key point" of air connectivity as a beach destination , specially with the Eastern States of the US and the Eastern Provinces of Canada. It is located near Cuba and other Caribbean Islands.

Medical Tourism in Cancún.

A tradition that allows boosting the tourism industry through quality medical services.

  • Cancun's Beginning. 1970
    At 46 years of its foundation.
  • Cultural Wealth
    Mayan Culture Heritage.
  • Current Cancun
    Potential growth.

Why choosing Cancun as a Medical Tourism Destination?

The privileged geographical location of Cancun allows us to have a greater air closeness to the Estern part from the United States and Canada, outperforming other destinations in Latin America. We have a wide brand of tourism services for varied tastes: beautiful beaches, entertainment centers, ecotourism, cenotes (subway fresh water lagoons and rivers) as well as ecological reserves.

Quality services and treatments cost up to 70% lower than the US or Canada.

It is known that in the United States if you don't have an medical expenses insurance, medical and dental procedures as well as hospital care, generates large costs and involves family economy. Our distinguished Canadian visitors do have government financed medic attention, however, sometimes waiting lists become long. That's the reason why people make the decision to take care of their health issues elsewhere. Therefore, this is why people decide to seek other treatment options outside their country, and at the same time enjoying a relaxing vacation. This is an option that offers saving on your medical care without neglecting the protocols and high quality standards that are offered, but at a fair reasonable cost.

Cancún is an internationally recognized tourism destination.