Body Treatments and Body Wraping.

Body scrub.

Superb body treatment that keeps your skin healthy and smooth.

- Dead cells are removed from the skin overmost layer.

- Brings softness and smoothness.

Helpful in body treatments for a better Cosmetological product absorption to the skin's deepest layers.

- It shall not be performed on dry, very sensitive, irritated, recently waxed or sun exposed skin.

- Must be performed at least 48 hours before the skin exposure to sunlight.

- The recently exfoliated skin neither can be waxed or shaved.

- It's recommended to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized, using the Cosmetological supporting products at home. 

Tired foot and Leg Treatment.

Pampering your body's main support areas.

Body Wraps

It's a complete treatment with a full body exfoliation; application of a body mask, which lays for about 35 to 40 minutes while the patient rests (great for a nap time!)
To keep a nice temperature and a good mask consistency, the patient is "wrapped" into a special aluminum casing material.

It's also known as "Bridal Veil". The difference with the one above is that the Bridal Veil is completed by a gentle massage before the body mask application. 

Nourishing Plus Mask.

Chocolate Mask.

Golden Mask