Buccal and dental treatments focused on several attention levels.

Starting on preventive issues to restorative dentistry, gum treatment, bruxism, TMJ disorders.

Prioritizing your basic needs.

Forget those unachievable budgets.

In a comfortable private environment.

Immediate access to your attention: Appointments are scheduled with considerable distance between each patient. If you arrive to your appointment on time, our goal is not to keep you waiting in the room.

Our facilities.

We have a complete infrastructure with everything needed for your attention, without paying unnecessary luxury.

  • Dental office
  • Dental office entrance
  • Full mouth (dentoalveolar) X rays.

Teeth Whitening

In the dental office is carried out a professional teeth whitening.

Much has been discussed on the effectiveness of "home" or "commercial" whitening methods, such as toothpaste, adhesives and even dental floss, as they can get to clarify just one or at most two tones. The disadvantage of those methods is that if they are used for an extended period, they cause damage to the tooth enamel, not because of the product concentration but by the time it is used.

Aesthetic Restorations: Veneers and Crowns

They are used to restore the dental anatomy severely damaged by extensive decay or trauma.

Buccodental Health and Beauty