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International Host

Patricia Castillo, our International Relations Licensed will support you during your treatment planning pathway.

She is full-experienced on the Medical Tourism field and she is at your service to address your questions and comments.

Skype Following ups.

Your treatment does not end the day you return home.
We will continue to slope your evolution.
This is a skype 10 to 15 minute monitoring chat with no extra charge.

A brief guide to facilitate your stay in our tourist destination.

  • Tours and Excursions.
    It is important to contact serious and well-stablished businesses when you plan to hire tourism services. We do not recommend making touristic services arrangements with strangers or street loners; even if they are wearing an id Tag (could be fake!). Take that into consideration.
  • Where to eat.
    There are countless quality food places, which have current health regulations. We advice to preferably ask your hotel's concierge so that he/she can guide you towards the best choice. Beware of eating on public markets, the beach or not stablished places.
  • City transportation
    If your choice is not renting a car, we recommend using the autorized ones called 'radio taxi'. They are a bit more expensive than the common street circulating ones. However, most of them have an additional insurance covering that also protects the passenger.
  • If you decide to take a bus from Cancun's downtown to the hotel zone.
    The buses shown on the top image are: On the very top is the bus route 2/ 27. This is the only bus that travels from the hotel zone to our office. The first bus leaves from downtown Cancun at 5am and the last one leaves towards the hotel zone at approximately 10.30 pm. On the lower image is shown an 'Autocar line' bus named 'RUTA 1' (Route number 1). It runs from downtown Cancun from Av Tulum (Tulum Avenue) to the hotel zone and viceversa. It's the only 24 hour bus . However, we recommend using it on business hours. In case it's late, use it only exclusively for hotel zone transportation if you're planning to spend party time or you're guested on the hotel zone. Avoid taking it late at night from hotel zone to Av Tulum. Better advisable taking a cab. Some of this 'RUTA 1' buses have air conditioning and special access for wheelchair users.
  • Don't forget packing your insect bug repellent.
    Cancun is surrounded by a jungle area, where humid heat predominates. Specially in the evenings, when it's about to sunset, mosquitoes increase their activity. Although the mosquitoes' transmitted diseases cases are not really high in our State, we suggest you take this caution measure.
  • It is recommended to use biodegradable sunscreen to enjoy the sea, rivers and cenotes.
    Nature gives us the opportunity to get to know and enjoy it. In order to giving it back a little of much that it has given us, it's advisable to use biodegradable sunblock lotions and sunscreens that are unharmful to marine wildlife and avoid water pollution.

Special recommendations prior waxing and/or facial treatment with extractions.

Recommendations for enyoing Cancun and it's nature.

  • Safety tide flags.
    It's very important to be aware. Lifeguards are responsible for placing different color flags that indicate the danger level of swimming or approaching to the sea area. The red flag indicates 'mayor danger', as the tide is high. Follow the rules and take care of your loved ones during your holidays.
  • Spending a harmonious time with wildlife and nature.
    Despite the high urban development degree, in Cancun we are not alone. We're surrounded by a variety of plants and wildlife, which we respect, and we invite, as well, our distinguished visitors to do the same thing. Refrain from littering on the mangroves area or Nichupte Lagoon. Help us keep the beaches and the sea clean. It is important to take into consideration that some of the Hotel Zone's sidewalk next to the lagoon are cocodrile areas. Heed the blue and white signs that may aware you from walking there.
  • If a Hurracane hits the place.
    Every year between May 31st and November 30th, the hurricane season occurs in the Atlantic Ocean. Cancun is a city with a good civil culture on these kind of events. In case of hurricane threat, follow the State Civil Protection's Department indications and locate the nearest shelter.