Dentofacial Orthopedics

Dentofacial Orthopedics is the dentistry branch responsible for the buco-Dentofacial  complex growth and redirection, as well as correction of habits that may affect its development though dentofunctional appliances (usually removable), which act in an interceptive and functional way. 

Fixed and Removable Dentofacial Orthopedics appliances.

Appropiate early treatment.

The best time to start these treatments is from a very early age.

This is because the jawbones, the ones who house the teeth are developing as part of the complex facial-bones and skull.

Similarily, if any small defect caused by an habit (sucking one or more fingers, lip, nails or other objects -such as biting wood pencils-) is detected at an early age stage, we can avoid  deformations in the mentioned bones. 

Dentofacial Orthopedics functional devices.

The appliance design will be determined by the patient's problem, which will be backuped by clinical diagnosis, as well as different studies such as X rays, dental casts and clinical photographs.
It's preferable the use of removable appliances, as this allows the child to withdraw it to have his meals and prevents withheld.

These devices will be mostly used at home. Only in very specific cases will be indicated a longer hour use and maybe would be have to be taken to school either.

They are highly effective devices if we have our patient's motivation to use it frequently and their parent's collaboration who are aware of their correct use and the recommended wearing hours per day. 

You choose your device's color.

Because our children are also part of the decisions on treatments, they have the opportunity to choose their acrylic appliance  color ,as well as the ornaments they would like to be added to it.

The kind of detail is preferred in girls. They love prints, diamond ,glitter, etc.
Boys can choose the image of their favorite superheroe or character. 

Award for the correct use of your device.

Your effort and commitment to the proper use of your device, also generates profits!

Follow our "promotions section" and you can find out how you can help your beloved parents to save on your treatment! 

Making your appliance use an amusing experience.

Filling down "motivational calendar" every time you had fulfilled your device's use.
Ask your parents to take a picture with your device on and share it on our twitter account using the hashtag #ilikeDFO (DFO stands for Dentofacial Orthopedics) ,and you tell everyone what you like best from wearing your first braces!